Principal's Page: Mrs. Tiffany Williams


My Motto: “Don’t wish for it, work for it”


Master of Education, Grand Canyon University     Major: Education Administration

Master of Education, Indiana Wesleyan University       Major: Curriculum & Instruction

Bachelor of Science, University of Cincinnati      Major: Early Childhood Education


Cincinnati Herald 100 “Werking” Women Honoree 2018

Co-Creator of “100 Rising” Male Mentor Initiative 2015-2017

Added Value Award 2014-15

Extra Mile Award 2013-14

Teacher of the Year 2011-12

National Young Scholars Honorary Member 2011-present

Rookie Teacher of the Year 2008-09

Top Reading Achievement 2008-09

Top OAA Reading state test scores in school district 2004-2007



What I believe about Teaching & Learning:

I believe that students should possess a natural sense of curiosity about the world around them. As an educational leader, my goal is to ensure that each student will be able to navigate social interactions with their peers who may be from different backgrounds educationally, socioeconomically, and culturally.

I believe all students can and will learn when provided a quality classroom environment in which all students feel valued and respected by the teacher and by fellow students.

I believe that all students and  teachers possess different talents, skills, and capacities that can be utilized to achieve a shared goal.

I believe by building student confidence and providing a variety of authentic educational opportunities for students to express their learning will result in academic and social growth.


How do I ensure that NCH scholars are connected to the world around them?

I believe this can be accomplished by equipping NCH scholars with 21st century skills. Today’s students love technology. But to prepare for tomorrow’s success, they need to be able to use technology to develop critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and communication. These skills will be necessary for the ever evolving world.  


My Goal:

“I want all NCH students to become so aware of how we all work as a mere piece of the puzzle that they can celebrate us all coming together for something greater than ourselves.”


What does it look like in Trojan Way Learning Center (TWLC):

Pushing scholars beyond their comfort zones through data directed instruction, a love based approach to everything we do at NCH and plain old fashion grit. We continue to dig in deep and get the job done while building strong and healthy relationships.

NCH  scholars are provided opportunities to coexist in a space where everyone can learn and support each other. I believe this comes from creating good citizenship in the learning community. TWLC will give relentless effort to educate the whole student so they know how to develop relationships that will enable them to work with their peers, throughout their education and beyond.